Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Blog Update 19/09/2013 - QuoFire Projects

Long time since I have blogged, this is due to being busy on some work with QuoFire.
QuoFire is basically JGTechs new name, this is because we have more members in our team so it seems unfair to have mine and Jamies name in it and not the other members.

What has kept us busy is a contract for a company called Dinnerfriends, this is a social meeting site where people register and meet people in famous restaurants around UK and soon EU. We have been contracted to fix some website errors, which we have and other work as well such as a new design.

Apart from this, we have also been doing work on a flash game site, I know you may think "Oh another flash game site", well, this is not, this is like the old Lockerz I used to know where members would have to gain points for items they gain redeem through a flash 'open window' where you have a limit time to try to get what you want, this is basically what we are going to do, but for Steam and PayPal. We are budgeting on SEO and sponsoring flash game developers.

We are also looking towards work to WizSport but no work will be done towards it while we are working on these current projects.

I will blog more often now since work towards Dinnerfriends has calmed down for a while now and work with QuoFire has began.

I also want to say something towards the end of SteamAuction, this was fun while it lasted with an active 1,000 members before we even launched it, we are sadden that we had to stop this due to legal and personal reasons with the team.

Another thing, I am sick of the GTA 5 statuses on Facebook, being a PC gamer and not being able to purchase it, it saddens me to see all these people enjoying it and I can't.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

SteamAuction Update


SteamAuction is a community made website where we have built this from the ideas and feedbacks from the Steam Community. We want to make sure that the users get what they want and would love, so what is the best way into getting that? Asking them of course!

What started off as an idea has turned into a full on project. It is great with the response we have been given and how many people are willing to help. Don’t forget this site is made from you, not from us. We only doing the design and coding.

We have several users who are becoming members of the team and turning into moderators because they are turning into great people who are helping.

Here are some concepts of the website: 

  • Users will be given 300 BP (Bidding Points) and 1 BP an hour. They will have a 300 BP limit on their account and can only bid a certain amount of times on an item. This is to stop people spending their entire BPs on one item and making it unfair for other users to win. Each user has a certain amount that they can bid, this way it is fair for everyone.
  • Users who put tradable games for auction will gain those BPs but if your account already have 300 BPs or will be over the amount when the auction is over, the points will generate quicker when you spend the points, for example, instead of 1 BP an hour, it might be 1BP every 10 minutes, this will happen until you have been gained all the points you have won.
  • We will have moderators overlooking auctions to make sure there are no suspicious activities such as people scripting etc.
  • Users will only be able to make one account; their IP will be blocked for further accounts to not be made. If there are multiple users on one IP, they will need to open a ticket to discuss this.
  •  If users are caught scripting, their IP will be permanently banned and will be black listed upon other website such as SteamGifts and SteamTrade.
  • Badges will be introduced in a later date for users.
  • Bidding on items such as TF2 and Dota 2 will be on another auction page.
  •  Unused points are lost after a certain amount of time
  •   Accounts that haven’t bided or put an item up for auction for a while will have their account reset. This means if they will lose their rep, any winnings and so on.

·         A user menu will be added after the website is made, this will allow users to open a menu from the side that will have links to their current bids, auctions and so on.

There is also an idea a user said, 1 Ticket = 1 chance to win 3 Tickets = 4 chances 5 Tickets = 7 chances And so it goes... the bids could have different values in tickets depending on the game. Ticket being a BP.

I would also love to say thank you to the people who have helped. Zaek, joaoaroucha, peroxide, Anyhoo, Yuu, A nejs, Craig, Psydex, Kyle and all the other community users who have helped and currently are. 

Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Well, while WizSport is on hold. We have come up with a new website to make, with help from our internet friends.

This idea, fully creditable to someone called Yuu from Steam had the amazing idea to have a Steam Auction site. Where people will bid on games with virtual points and the people who put games up for auction will get those virtual points to use for future bid and competitions. We have had a lot of response from Steam users and ideas as well.

I had to buy the domain quick in a panic, I even had to borrow money from a good friend to buy it. This is because of the high response from members about the idea and I was scared that people will buy the domain but luckily we do have the domain (thank you Helge)

The website might take a while as we have to use a lot of Steam dev codes and so on.

More news later on!

WizSport update and more

Well, I haven't left a post on here in a while about WizSport. We have hit a brick wall but we are on the way in knocking the wall down.

The thing that is holding us behind is the costs, we want texts to be free for members of WizSport but it wont be free for us. We have had a quote for costs and to be able to send 500,000 texts, it will cost £13,000, so we are have contacted someone who has made a script so we can go around the costs and be able to send the texts for free. All we have to do is pay for the one of fee for script.

While that is happening, we have discussed on what we want to do before it kicks off to try to gain some revenue for the website. We are in the progress of making a Facebook page for betting tips (tipster) for sports, my partner in WizSport said we will be able to get it up and running tonight with people joining.

We are looking into making another site in between WizSport, something we can also gain some revenue from hopefully, we are looking in the gaming part with Steam integration.

If you have any ideas that you would love to share, please email and if we like your idea and use it, you will be credited on the site.

Monday, 15 April 2013

WizSport Update 15 April

Well, let me start of by saying that WizSport is not up yet and won't be till possibly later this week, this is mainly due to technical problems, such as our host being DDOS attacked and my PC dying. Me and Jamie did meet up and done a lot of work, we made the base structure of the website and started the design of the user menu.
We are meeting up again to sort out the rest if the website.

Well, not the update I really wanted to give out but stuff like this happens.

Friday, 12 April 2013

WizSport Update - Possibly tonight? 12/04/2013

Just an update on that ol' WizSport project. We have had some hold backs this week, my PC died with all my current work on there, website design, user menu and so on. This has really annoyed me but I am meeting up with my partner in this project tonight as we are going to work on it and hopefully the base website will be up tonight.

The previous post about WizSport on what we had planned this week is still on time, I think, but things like this happens and hold ups occur. I am just happy I have a laptop to work on since my PC is dead at the moment. The service will be in beta with the texting system etc, Jamie is on it to make sure it is the most easiest service.

So just a quick update on what is happening, we hope WizSport is up tonight, if it is not, will be up next week for certain.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Stick to projects

I found it hard to try to decide what a good title for the post will be for this subject but I could not think of anything good so 'Stick to Projects" seems good.

Before the WizSport project, I used to have a sudden idea of what might earn me amazing amount of money like once every month then I would start to make it and realized in the progress that it wouldn't make anything since not having the coding knowledge and there being like thousands of the same sites on the internet.

Luckily I was approached with the WizSport idea and now I have been working hard on it, my friend who came up with the idea and who is currently doing the coding for it is amazing what he does with past sites that were successful so you can see that I was keen as anything to work on it.

WizSport isn't about this post, this post is about people who do what I used to do where you have great imagination or keen to work but not thinking about the long run and the actual steps in making a website successful but just hoping the site will make it successful without the proper steps that needs to be taken. I am lucky to have someone who knows a lot about coding to work with as he can make this ideas we have capable, such as a ranking system for registered members to the site and so on.

Basically the message I am stating is before rushing into a project, think of the long run or if it is the right thing to do as you might spend hours on a website and then when you have finished, you sit there and think to yourself "there are loads of sites that offer the same thing and how can I compete against a company?".
I am not saying stop what you are doing, do what you love doing but just think in what you are doing before spending hours of your time on something you will know wont work later on.

Quick post but don't miss WizSport updates every Monday, this blog is also going on the site as well. when Jamie can get off his working ass and get into this work!

Here is a picture I made a few weeks ago, makes this post less boring right?