Wednesday, 1 May 2013

SteamAuction Update


SteamAuction is a community made website where we have built this from the ideas and feedbacks from the Steam Community. We want to make sure that the users get what they want and would love, so what is the best way into getting that? Asking them of course!

What started off as an idea has turned into a full on project. It is great with the response we have been given and how many people are willing to help. Don’t forget this site is made from you, not from us. We only doing the design and coding.

We have several users who are becoming members of the team and turning into moderators because they are turning into great people who are helping.

Here are some concepts of the website: 

  • Users will be given 300 BP (Bidding Points) and 1 BP an hour. They will have a 300 BP limit on their account and can only bid a certain amount of times on an item. This is to stop people spending their entire BPs on one item and making it unfair for other users to win. Each user has a certain amount that they can bid, this way it is fair for everyone.
  • Users who put tradable games for auction will gain those BPs but if your account already have 300 BPs or will be over the amount when the auction is over, the points will generate quicker when you spend the points, for example, instead of 1 BP an hour, it might be 1BP every 10 minutes, this will happen until you have been gained all the points you have won.
  • We will have moderators overlooking auctions to make sure there are no suspicious activities such as people scripting etc.
  • Users will only be able to make one account; their IP will be blocked for further accounts to not be made. If there are multiple users on one IP, they will need to open a ticket to discuss this.
  •  If users are caught scripting, their IP will be permanently banned and will be black listed upon other website such as SteamGifts and SteamTrade.
  • Badges will be introduced in a later date for users.
  • Bidding on items such as TF2 and Dota 2 will be on another auction page.
  •  Unused points are lost after a certain amount of time
  •   Accounts that haven’t bided or put an item up for auction for a while will have their account reset. This means if they will lose their rep, any winnings and so on.

·         A user menu will be added after the website is made, this will allow users to open a menu from the side that will have links to their current bids, auctions and so on.

There is also an idea a user said, 1 Ticket = 1 chance to win 3 Tickets = 4 chances 5 Tickets = 7 chances And so it goes... the bids could have different values in tickets depending on the game. Ticket being a BP.

I would also love to say thank you to the people who have helped. Zaek, joaoaroucha, peroxide, Anyhoo, Yuu, A nejs, Craig, Psydex, Kyle and all the other community users who have helped and currently are. 

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